Hair Transplant

We have perfected hair transplant, the technique of moving hair follicles to re-build a luscious head of hair. Undergoing a hair transplant, also called follicular grafting, is a permanent way to re-grow your own hair.

The procedure is relatively simple, by moving individual hair follicles from an abundant area (usually the back or sides of the scalp) to an area needed, patients can start to re-grow their own hair.

Hair Transplant Costs

The cost of hair transplant can vary, usually predicated on how much hair needs to be transplanted. Starting at a few thousand and going to tens of thousands, is usually the cost in the United States. Usually the price of the procedure depends on how many “grafts,” need to be transplanted with a fixed price set to each graft. Some prices range on a few dollars and some surgeons charge over ten dollars.

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