Breast Lift Surgery After Weight Loss Surgery

If you have recently had weight loss surgery done, you may want a little toning and tightening. Getting weight loss surgery often causes you to lose a large amount of weight quickly, which can affect the elasticity of your skin. But luckily, there are contouring surgeries available once you recover from the surgery such as a breast lift surgery. This helps you get the body you want after you have lost the weight and recovered completely.

Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery comes in different forms, with the lap band surgery and bariatric surgery being the most common. Both of these surgeries shrink the size of your stomach, so you feel fuller with less food and much more quickly than before the surgery. It helps you to lose weight by minimizing how much you eat at each meal, and throughout the day. Because of the weight loss, your skin doesn’t have time to gain its elasticity. Part of the results of this is your breasts sagging more than you would like.

The Need for Breast Lift Surgery

This sagging often causes patients of weight loss surgery to want to go in for a breast lift surgery. Your breasts may flatten slightly from the loss in tissue and fat in this area, and hang lower than you want. They may also have nipples pointing downward because of the sagging. Breast lift surgery can improve all of this for you, without the need for breast augmentation, which enlarges the size of your breasts. The breast lift gives you cleaner and smoother lines, in a natural body shape.

About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery can do a number of things for you. It helps lift your breasts to avoid sagging, change the shape or size, and adjust the position and size of your areolas. For the breast lift surgery, you will first be put under anesthesia so you are not awake during the procedure. Some doctors do the surgery under general anesthesia, but that is rare. Next, a series of incisions are made on the breast, depending on your needs for the surgery. Your surgeon will lift and reshape your breasts and areolas. After the surgery, you will be given aftercare instructions, which need to be followed exactly.

It can take a few weeks before you notice the final result, since you will be wearing a bandage and swelling is very common.